Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteering does not mean you will meet the artists.

Please keep in mind that whenever possible, we try to honor the artists’ privacy.  They spend many hours on the bus and meeting people, so their “down time” should be respected.  With that being said, there are some “ground rules” that everyone who volunteers should be aware of:

  1. NO unauthorized people will be allowed in the back stage area. Wrist bands for authorized volunteers will be given by Angie and are only to be used by that person.
  2. DO NOT ASK for autographs, pictures or the like from artists, except for designated times and locations.
  3. No picture‐taking is allowed back stage, even with a cell phone.
  4. Please always be casually friendly in welcoming the artists and assisting them. Casual conversation is okay, but there is a “line” you shouldn’t cross, where you begin to ask personal questions, promote your own services, music or ministry, or ask for an autograph.
  5. Volunteers should remain professional at all times. This includes actions and speech.  You are representing yourself, your organization and Rise FM.
  6. If you are issued a wrist band, please wear it at all times. REPLACEMENTS WILL NOT BE ISSUED unless you can produce the first band.
  7. NO PETS ALLOWED IN FESTIVAL AREA.  Volunteers and attendees are NOT allowed to bring animals to the event.
  8. If you are working with load‐in or load‐out, staging or moving heavy objects, you must wear close‐toed shoes.
  9. Volunteers who violate the rules above will be asked to leave.