Question: Can I still see…?

If I buy a seat in the Reserved Seating, but people are standing in front of me, will I still be able to see?


As you can see from this picture, the people standing in front don’t block much view of the artist.  Maybe as high as their shin, but you will still be able to see, even if you are sitting.

Question: I have never been there before, what’s it look like?

PHOTO 1:  As you can see from this picture, the reserved parking area gets pretty full.  You can see it in the top, right of the picture.

PHOTO 2:  This is an areal view of the event early in the day before the crowds arrive.  You can see that the stage (bottom left) faces the beach, and RESERVED PARKING (on the asphalt) is just to the right of the beach.

The parking you see to the right of the backstage area (on the grass) is for volunteers only.

PHOTO 3:  There will be a standing area right outside the RESERVED SEATING fencing.  People generally stand at the fence anyway, so we are trying to accommodate those who want to stand or sit.

Question: Is it worth it to buy Reserved Seating and/or Meet & Greet?

Answer: Reserved Seating

BELOW:  This picture was taken during setup.  This is the Reserved seating area, right in front of the stage.  In previous years we provided chairs, you get to bring your own chair and find a place in this section.

The reserved seating area may vary in size each year, depending on how many seats are sold.

PHOTO 2:  The reserved seating area in the front of the stage is full, however some moved up closer to the stage and out of view of the camera.  General Admission seating begins outside the fencing.

Answer: Meet & Greet

BELOW:  Meet and Greet is a great way to get up close and personal with the artist. Ask them a question, get your merchandise autographed and get a picture together!