How come I need to get a ticket? Isn’t it free?

General Admission for the concert is free. There are ticket upgrades available to sit closer to the stage and even participate in a question and answer session with the headliner.

Can I bring my dog?

There is a dog park located on the south side of Old Field Beach, however pets are NOT ALLOWED in the festival area.

Can we put up a canopy tent or umbrella?

We only allow tents and umbrellas in DESIGNATED areas, which is to the right of the stage (as you look at the stage) on the outside of the sidewalk.

Why do we have to pay to get close to the stage?

We want to keep Rock the Lake free for everyone, but there are many costs associated with an event this big.  One way we can recoup some costs is by selling the area around the stage.

Do we have to pay for parking?

Parking is free unless you want to park closer to the concert area. Reserved parking can be purchased for $20 by clicking the TICKETS tab on the Ticket page.

Will the artists be doing autographs after the show?

Some artists will be available at designated times for autographs.  Check in at their merchandise tables for posted times for autographs.

How can I meet the artists?

You can meet some artists at their merchandise tables at designated times during the event. You can meet the headliner only by purchasing $60 seating ticket. *Please note* Please don’t volunteer with the expectation of meeting the artists, as this will disqualify you from volunteering. See full volunteer rules at

Will food vendors be on-site?

Food vendors are available. You are also welcome to bring your own coolers with food and drink. Just follow the park rules found here:

Is seating provided?

No, you will need to bring a blanket or lawn chair in order to enjoy the concert.

Is there handicapped parking close to the concert?

There are three parking options:  the flea market (for a small fee) across from the entrance of the park, the grass lot just over the bridge, and the cement lot near the beach.  All vehicles will be directed to the grass lot, unless you:

  1. notify the attendant that you need handicap parking
  2. notify the attendant that you need assistance
  3. are driving a motorcycle, or
  4. you are a volunteer of the event.

Is there motorcycle parking?

The parking attendant should direct all motorcycles to the paved lot for parking.  There is a designated area just for motorcycles.

Do children need a ticket to the VIP seating?

All children who are sitting in a chair will need a ticket.  Children 5 and under can sit on a parent’s lap.

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